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Enterprise recap by seasons: (To save you the pain of actually watching them)

Season One and Two:
Archer and Crew: Ohhh! New planet! With people!! Should we go look?

T'pol: No. Bad idea.

Archer and Crew: Screw you, pointie ears! We're going!

Archer and Crew goes, wackiness ensues, everyone gets back to the ship.

Archer and Crew: Whew, we almost ruined that civilization. You'd think in the 100 years between first contact and now someone would have thought out a procedure for meeting all of these aliens that we sorta already knew were out here and all.

T'pol: Told you it was a bad idea.

Archer and Crew: Shut up pointie ears! And find us another planet with people already!

Season Three:

Xindi, Xindi, Xindi...Archer emotes badly...Xindi, Xindi, Xindi.

And as an added bonus - last episode of season three/first two episodes of season four introduced us to time-travelling space Nazis. Because after an entire season of secretly wishing the Xindi would finally put Archer (and us) out of our collective misery, we needed time travelling space Nazis to fully cleanse our suspension-of-disbelief palettes.

Season Four:

Ok, time travelling space Nazis not included, I kinda liked season four. They did mini-arches where a story would continue over two or three episodes, and a wicked mirror universe two-parter. So, in typical modern TV fashion, as soon as a show sort of finds it legs and I start to enjoy it, CANCELLED.

Oh, and yeah - the theme music sucked.

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