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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
This comment comes off as "We are happy with the way GPL currently exists, and have no plans to do anything for the foreseeable future."
You're really reading into my post too much. This post was a direct reply to a post that asked, "What are we supposed to do with it all?". GPL is used for cosmetic, vanity items -- we've added several new items that can be purchased with it since the launch of Season 7, and we'll continue considering more options in the future.

Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
Sooo... should those of us who have leftover Q photos hold onto them of can we ditch them?
Hold on to them if you'd like Nothing has been decided at this time.

Originally Posted by killjack0 View Post
What will happen with the fleet project for the holiday commodities? Will it transfer to Dilith if we already have some done?
More info soon, but as Borticus stated before the event started, you won't just be stuck. Although, you can continue to get the holiday commodities until the end of the month, as well as from the exchange. Info:


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