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01-07-2013, 10:43 PM
With a high amount of skill in PI I never even notice the borg shield drain thing. As in it does nothing to me.

But yes relative value mechanics are ideal solutions for some problems that plague balancing between pve and pvp such as the flat unresistable damage that some boff powers posses. And their is even precedence for this with torpedo crew killing design. But the resists should also have an effect relative to the attack power being used.

So yes let Tachyon Beam drain a % of shields with a hard cap (so as to not drain a tac cube as fast) on the value. Then give PI the ability to reduce the drain by a percent of the drain so that at 99.9 PI skill your shields are only drained by say half.

So, Tachyon Beam math with proposed system would be as follows:
Rank 1: 3% +1% per additional rank as previously proposed

Skill Modifier of .5 (so rank 1 would go up to 4.5% at 99.9 skill, rank 3 to 7.5%)

PI math would be standard resistance formula every other game uses except for STO when it comes to resists of

PI / (PI + 100) = resist %

Great thing about that is it needs no hardcap and has no need for diminishing returns to be built in.

Although the skill mod should probably only be .25 as it would get a bit too strong with a .5 modifier.


*Edit Addon*

Although one has to wonder, it does gain I believe 1% increase in power per 2 aux over 50 so with enough consoles and 'maxing it' you can hit about 260 skill in flow capacitors with 5 consoles plus deflector. That means you should be able to hit about 500 drain per tic which depending on resists in PvP could be significant. Over 600 with rommie passive active and that isn't even a top tier power. Combine that with say tractor doff, tachyon weapons & glider beside a Particle Burst and you may have a viable shield ripper. Meh I'll stick with my lolz DHCs for now.

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