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01-07-2013, 10:06 PM
I kinda like it. If I may?


Since the core of this idea is Fed-oriented with no single satisfactory way of working around it that wouldn't seem slapdash, the only other choice I see (beyond just not doing it) is creating a Klingon equivalent.

Imagine, if you will, a world somewhere in Klingon space. It is a rugged world, but not without its places of peace and tranquility. And a Ferengi with a keen eye and a loads of latinum has bought it. There, he builds an arena, fitted with everything the discerning Klingon, Gorn, or Nausicaan warrior might desire. Naturally, there is also an extensive bar, outfitted with facilities for Orions to entertain, and always stocked full of drunk patrons for other Orions or Letheans to pry information out of.

Naturally no race is shoehorned into any activity. But the themes would gravitate towards certain races, making for a slightly better fit.

You'd have a few activities here:
  • An Arena(s) where players fight three opponents in single combat for Currently Nameless Tokens (CNTs). Utilizes the existing arena tech from an early KDF mission!
  • A "dancing" minigame in which a player dances, occasionally fending off rude advances with the goal being not to overly anger any customers. Less angry patrons means more CNTs.
  • Bouncer minigame in which the player keeps rowdy customers away from the dancers - with force. Moar CNTs! Basic "tag defeated foe" mechanic, again already existing.
  • An espionage/assassination minigame in which the player speaks to an informant who singles out a bar patron. The player lures the patron away as smoothly and kills them. This would have three or four rotating potential targets who require different dialogs to lure out.

Would use basically the same toned-down Rep system OP proposed using CNTs as input. Rewards at T5 could range from a Vulcan Love Slave photonic BOff to Arena-themed costume unlocks.

I think, to address the problem with the proposed Rise minigames, a similar approach to the Klingon ones suggested needs to be taken. Use as much existing tech as possible.

For example, the Bouncer minigame and "tag enemy" tech could be applied to... a Peeping Tom-stopping minigame. Some women on the north shore are tired of these morons trying to peek into the women's sauna or something, so the player stands outside and roflstomps the NPC's who run up and try to take a peek. If the player can knock them out before the "Peeping" counter fills up, more Horgh'gans! For an extra laugh, tack on an interactable peephole the player can use outside the mini-game (but if you do you take damage and get knocked back with a gag dialog fly-by from your accompanying BOff that says "I don't think that's wise, sir..."!)

Likewise, the Arena minigame could translate to Risa as "the toughest (wo)man on the beach", in which you beat down smug YOLO-ing swag-proclaiming posers to impress the crowd and rid the world of another meat-head.