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# 7 A little addition
01-07-2013, 10:36 PM
I'd like to add a bug related to Adapted Maco Mk XII Engine. I've acquired the engine for few days, but I kept it in my inventory. I notice from the preview in the reputation system that it carries additional powers except Weapon Power 0. It's rather peculiar because if it's not meant to give additional weapon power, why would bother stating 0 Weapon Power. Anyhow, this morning while in sector space, I saw that, in my inventory, Engine status had some numerical value (+3.5 or something) for Weapon Power, so it was something cool to have. Once I got my Adapted Maco Mk XII Shield, I put both engine and shield onto my ship. Lo and behold, when I placed my cursor over the Adapted Maco Mk XII Engine, the description stated 0 Weapon Power.

I hope this confusion can be straightened out soon. Regardless of this and other bugs, I'd say STO has been working hard to keep STO more fun to play. I sympathize with the dev for so much bug reports (because they are real) but sometimes less applause given for their achievements.