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01-07-2013, 10:58 PM
I've thought in my more insane moments that the way fighters should work is that you launch all of them that you are carrying and then they skirmish on the target, retreating as needed for repairs.

So, you arrive in battle: Bleeugh, you vomit out your dozen fighter craft and they do whatever your standing order is. When they are "killed", they don't explode and go away, they instead become non-combatants and limp back to your ship. Your Aux power level determines how much time it takes for that fighter to get repaired and launch again. Your hangar button then becomes launched/not-launched rather than spamming the thing to get new waves of fighters, and you have the same dozen fighters bouncing between you and the target.

Of course we could also just make fighters immune to warp core breach explosions, but that idea wasn't popular. Yet another collision between PVP and PVE: most PVP players are touched inappropriately by hangar pets at some point and really hate seeing them improved any way.

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