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Another tip to track Donatra when shes cloaked is to drop an aceton assimilator near her last known position. You get a nice long siphon drain tendril pointing to her exact location up to 5KM away.

For my mine builds (on destroyer class ships) I go with DBBs up front and dual tric mines in back. So you get a 30second buffed turn around lay time. And using beams you can max AOE or single target DPS with those weapons by using FaW3 or BO3 in the LtC position, leaving the Cmd position for DPB3.
I never thought of multiple TCM launchers for some reason! Going to give it a try later, as I can afford to sacrifice a turret or a rear beam array.

Fleetmates told me good things about trico torpedoes with big spreads and HY3 too, but I didn't like the torps much due to the long reload and significantly lower spike damage compared to the mines. 27+k unbuffed damage for each TCM is just awesome.
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