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# 2 Note on combat.
01-07-2013, 11:18 PM
Some of the combat is particularly difficult, and IT IS intended to be.

The reason why I did this was because so many times I have received responses saying that the combat was not challenging enough, or too easy.

I myself, found the ground combat in the last two episodes awesome.

Though I died a lot, that's how it should feel when you are fighting a force that nearly destroyed the galaxy

The space combat and ground was designed as best as possible to take into consideration some key aspects of PvP and PvE:

1.) Tactics, approach and placements of BOFF. Just running into the fold and staying exposed is going to get you killed.

2.) NPC pathing to simulate attack.

3.) Waves

4.) Multiple targets to practice healing against focused sustained damage.

5.) Allied NPC's to practice support.

If you find this just too much, then I challenge you to use this for practice!

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