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Originally Posted by vimzul View Post
The problem is STO combat is very simplistic, you have two health bars, one for shields, the other for hull and when the the hull bar is gone the ship explodes, every single time.

Lore-wise, the ships only exploded in the event of the warp core being breached or if some other volatile source that was stored was ignited, usually a ship was disabled due to taking too much critical damage to core systems and/or the crew being killed to the point it couldn't operate. Most defeated ships would be able to self-repair to the point of being operational again, if in some limited capacity. Point is they rarely explode in a great ball of fire and this was represented in most/all pen and paper combat games.

Warp core breaches were meant to be uncommon to rare, these are warships and they have a lot of internal structure built to protect the warp core.

Also, range is out of whack, you have to get disturbingly close to other ships to do damage so you are often caught in the blasts.

Those two factors combined turn enemy ships into fighter killers unless you employ the tactic of cycling between calling back fighters and attacking to keep them at range when the enemy ship is close to death, that is assuming you are at any meaningful range.

I'd like to see the combat system less disposable, would be cool to have the option to board disabled ships and plunder/capture/salvage components from the ship. These components could be used for an improved crafting system or starbase improvements.

There should also be some advantage or benefit to having a melee oriented captain.
Well, I micro manage the fighters right now, I'm kinda used to it after playing Gallente in EVE for so long (scout drones), still, they just don't have the speed to get back to the ship in time. I've got 3 flight deck officers on active, one of them is the lower CD time ability. All I can do is just use them as disposable & deployable ammo. That's all they are in STO.

I'm also using the flight deck officer that increases ship defense when in recall mode, and my defense percentage is flickering from low to high, hope that's just a visual bug and not affecting the value, but that's whole 'nother discussion.

I like the idea of fighters coming back to the ship for repairs - this is a good trade for buffing the base value of the fighter speed, to a few notches just below Evasive Maneuvers 1.
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