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01-08-2013, 02:24 AM
Not really my worst, but definitely one of those ".....really?" moments.

Did ISN earlier, can't remember the exact setup we had and thankfully I haven't seen a skittle escort/carebear cruiser (so named for their firing rainbows) yet.

Anyway, we take out the first transformer...or at least try to. Soon as we drop the generators I start taking on the transformer (me in my Prometheus escort, non-MVAM sadly) and I drop its health....only to see it rise instantly. Okay, blown optional, but hey, I'm accustomed to that. No big loss.

Except that no one learned from that and continued to attack the transformer, completely ignoring the nanite ships. So we have to repeat this three more times--including a grand lapse of memory resulting in a full heal from 14% .

Finally we take out the first transformer. Luckily there was no repeat of such on the second transformer.

It could have been worse, true, but it was just one of those head-scratchers.
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