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01-08-2013, 04:17 AM
Ok when you are always hitting your target, this is how the different mod stacks up as far as dps goes. [Dmg] > [CrtH] > [Acc] > [CrtD]. Now the second you start missing [Acc] will jump to number one. (It will be better for your dps to lower your targets Def instead of raise you Acc.)

Now going to the fleet weapons will get you more dps because they are ?Ultra Rare? this will give you +2.5% of base damage, and fleet weapons have [Dmg]x3 which will give you +15% of base damage.

For DHC at 125 weapons power that is about 51 dps, for turrets it is about 26 dps (no buffs). Now you can?t have a 4th [Dmg] so [CrtH] would be the best.

Now I am not sure about this part but using DC instead of DHC will lose you about 1% of you dps but you should gain about 7% from having more Dis weapon proc. If you have 3 turrets and 3 DHC you should get 9 procs a min but with 3 turrets and 3 DC you should get 12 procs a min. the increase in proc will also help you team mates damage.
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