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01-08-2013, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
I like the idea of being resistant to both better than being vulnerable to both. One-shot kills are unfun, but so is being controlled until you die. The solution isn't to add more things that are no fun.
If you could hold, slow, or expose them. Like the skill says there might be less people trying to gank you. I don't mind the cloaking, I have a problem on its implantation. There should be a way to positively see them, such as a tricorder scan, or support drones. This now makes it a timing issue. Even one shots are not bad, except when some one decal oaks on you from the rear all buffed up and get the flank damage also. There is no defense for this, except make a way for people to see them, or make it were people can spec into resistance. Tacs do need to be able to do more damage, they need an advantage over people some how. If they did not have this then eng and sci would be able to tank them out all the time. I seek balance. I also would invite any Dev or GM to PvP on the ground and tell me it is fair.