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# 1 PvP fix idea
01-08-2013, 05:28 AM
You guys can take this as a troll if you like and if you like the PvP thats fine and dandy. But I, I do not. i think while the balance is as good as you can expect from any decent MMO the gameplay on the whole is tacky, humdrum, and lets be honest the chances of a full team of FEDs instead of one or 2 feds and 2 AFK/leavers vs a pre-made team is slimmer than an anorexic trill (premade meaning a pre-organised team or fleet) and also its totally dead. IMO it needs improvement drastically and while im all for arenas im not going to cry about the quality of gameplay in PvP without offering an idea or 2 that i think is within the ability and budget of the devs.

1. Ker'rat is wasted as an open warzone and has long descended into a gear farming and casual ganking fest. Instead why not make it a que-for warzone thats strait 8v8? just fix the spawns so there opposite for klinks and feds and allow probes to scan cloaks at least perhaps. maybe make a second 2 round version as well one team decrypts the other circumvents then switch sides also take out the looting or just automatically award it at the end or something so were not all flying round looking for the gold diamond we were about to pick up before 3 cubes pwn us. the same could be done for the ground one although the existing ground outdoors arena would make a sweet CTF map. experience also shows that just having 1 que for all button works better than a game browser or people just afk the que pop and i come closer to a mini-stroke.

2. why is Nukara Prime not open PvP contested territory? forget that borg world you have to rescue starfleet officers from, make nukara the PvP world i would never leave my PC desk.

Anyway this is how i wish PvP in STO was. now im off to play swtor, and dreeeam of STO having the same quality of PvP just by adding a que button and fixed spawns to ker'rat and opening player vs play damage on Nukara prime.

Apologies for my grammar i know its not too great

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