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01-08-2013, 05:33 AM
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Indeed, also some people say the Enterprise it is not structurely (spelling) sound because of the neck and nacelles but we could strength the hull on those sections or choose another ship from star trek e.g. Sovereign class, does not have the neck and has, I think thicker nacelles or maybe the definet design or intrepid design there a lots to choose from but this is a start. For exploration ship the Consistuation design is one of the best designs. Or maybe the millennium falcon is another minus the bridge on the side. Looks good but not good idea in real life. We should be throwing ideas on here, helping make this it a reality. So everyone join in. Bring your ideas to the table.
It's not going to be an exact replica of any "real" Enterprise; it's just going to have the saucer-neck-hull-nacelles configuration.

The BTE forums are probably the best place to throw ideas around. They're a bit slow to load, but you'll be able to discuss your ideas with experts on specific areas.