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01-08-2013, 07:03 AM
1. Ker'rat is wasted as an open warzone and has long descended into a gear farming and casual ganking fest.
I personaly like Ker'rat the way it is. The Idea that we KDf have to both complete the Mission in the zone and fight to keep the feds from doing the same in a lot of fun.
As well I enjoy it for its relaxed PvP atmosphere, even if it means I may get jumped while scanning in a PvP zone.

just fix the spawns so there opposite for klinks and feds
Though I support this fix for Ker'rat. Its time to stop being lazy and fix it.

2. why is Nukara Prime not open PvP contested territory? forget that borg world you have to rescue starfleet officers from, make nukara the PvP world i would never leave my PC desk.
I agree. We need more open PvP zones.
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