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01-08-2013, 06:22 AM
You don't have to invest that much to get decent weaponry If you swapped all your gear for basic white(common) but all the same your damage output would be a hell of a lot better than even very rare multi rainbow sh. That you have equipped

first do that then get rid of aceton beam 3 it's useless even at lower levels whatever you think it's doing it really isn't doing it

Use toduj fighters there better than slavers by far or if your after the shield strip the slavers can do sometimes then use the tachyon drones

Get rid of mines I don't see how you can get into a decent position to drop them effectively
Enough in a cruiser(IMO) use turrets and cannons all round or beams don't mix them unless your going for a BO build

Then in turn you can get rid of that lower level dispersal pattern and switch in apb to help your fighters or rapid fire 1 to boost your cannons and turrets

You can't mount cannons on the rear as far as I'm aware

Happy hunting

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