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# 1 PvP Hardcore Mode - An Idea
01-08-2013, 07:25 AM
I have an idea for PvP, a new mode (in addition to normal play) where the ships are much more balanced and the game is unaffected by a lot of the changes continually being introduced by the developers.

In Hardcore Mode, the following rules are applied:

1) Doff passive skills are disabled.

2) Reputation passive abilities are disabled.

3) Ships may only use standard consoles or the unique ones they initially come with (e.g. no Plasma Distribution Manifolds unless you fly in an Advanced Heavy Cruiser).

4) Ships may only use canonical Engines, Shields and Deflectors, but advanced types (Omega/MACO/Honour Guard) would be allowed (it would be nice if the ships appearance/colors changed accordingly).

5) Ships may only be equipped with their canonical weapon types (i.e. the weapon types they came equipped with), upgraded versions of the same type permissible (so, if you see a bug coming towards you, you know to expect Polarons and Quantums, but they could be Mk XII Very Rare).

Now before all the PVP players start to hunt me down, think about it, PvP becomes more canonical, what you see against you, does what you expect it to, the Federation are the Federation again, likewise the KDF. All the new changes introduced into the main game will have little, reduced or no effect on Hardcore PvP. And finally there may be some peace between the PvE and PvP communities.

And whilst Im here, I'd like to see a proper Reputation System (please do not confuse) for PvP (End Game), where there are different levels of play, (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite.) so I, as a bit of a novice, could join a Beginner game knowing I'm not going to be auto-pulverised by an elite player. Points could be awarded in each category so as you improve you can play higher difficulty games, gaining reputation, you could even have a leader board in star bases for the top players.

Again, the main advantage I see is new players would feel more like playing PvP than the do at the moment.

My 3 cents worth.
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