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*OOC: I am a bit lost... a new storyline..? Crap... Man you know how to throw me off man. Anyway. I think I will have the operative Preston has out right now may be thrown out there. Preston himself I guess will be a individual that will give support to Shield and this taskforce. I do plan on making Preston a very powerful political figure very inclined to protecting the people a type of Char Aznable character except I haven't chosen to do what is typical to that type of character. Maybe a bit of a harvey dent thing, also like he said in that great film as well. I dunno yet so I doubt it. I do like how he is turning out he is different than the ones I am used to. *

Preston: *feels something off.* Gial have our operative meet up with Falleen and have them find and assess. Do not engage or get near them. Intel only.

*The operative is gonna be called the operative I have a surprise in store so lets not ruin it.*

Gial: Yes sir.

Preston: J'tal, what has you so afraid? Can you get me in touch with the veil... or a guardian. This situation is getting out of hand.
OOC: lol! Sorry man. I intended to have this running alongside the other storyline.
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