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*U.S.S. Valiant. Deneb Sector. Chester is looking at a holo-map of Secotr 157 (The Sector where the hidden Republic Base was.)*

Chester: Hill, have we heard anything about the Tesseract yet?

Hill: Not yet. We've got everyone on it, sir.

Director, the Council is on for you.

Chester: Great.

*Chester walks into a room and seals the door as holograms of 6 shadowed figures appear.*


Councilman 1 (Republic): You have overstepped yourself, Director.

Councilman 2 (Klingon): You are dealing with forces you cannot control.

Chester: Have you ever been in a war, Councillor? A firefight? Ever feel an abundance of control?

Councilman 1 (Republic): Are you saying these... Guardians, are declaring war on our Galaxy?

Chester: Not the Guardians, Taras.

Councilman 1 (Republic): He can't be working alone.

Councilman 2 (Klingon): What about the other one?

Chester: Our intel indicates that Siraga is not a threat, but he's dimensions away. We can't rely on his help either.

Councilman 1 (Republic): Precisely why you should be focusing on Stage 2.

Chester: Stage 2 isn't ready. Our enemy is. We need a response team.

Councilman 1 (Republic): The Vanguard Program was shut down.

Chester: This isn't about Vanguard. We need a Response Team.

Councilman 2 (Klingon): We've seen the list.

The fate of the Galaxy hangs in the balance, and you intend to hand our futures to a group of freaks?

Chester: I believe with the push, they can be more.

Councilman 1 (Republic): You believe?

Councilman 2 (Klingon): Wars are not won by sentiment, Director.

Chester: No they're not. They're won by soldiers.

*OOC: I'll put in a longer Council session later so you guys can chime in.*

*The Council vanishes as Chester walks out. Hill is waiting for him.*

Call Mason. We need his people for this.

Hill: Did the Council make a decision?

Chester: Yes they did. But seeing as it's a stupid *ss decision, I have elected to ignore it.

*Hill smiles.*

Hill: Shall I continue Phase 2?

Chester: Do it.

*He walks back into the room as a hologram of Daniel appears.*

Did you find him?

Daniel: "Them." I've found Halsey and Forest.

Chester: Forest? You sure that's a good idea?

Daniel: He's an expert on anti-neutrinos. We need his expertise.

Chester: Very well. I'll handle him. Where is he?

Daniel: Taris Major.

Chester: Crap.

*Jacob Halsey's lab. Daniel waits outside the door.*

Daniel: Dr. Halsey?

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