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01-08-2013, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
I run dual beam 3 dhc and 2 turrets with crf 1 and 2 apb3 then BO3 on the other tac

I was think about switching to BO 3 with 2 x crf 1 and a torpedo high yield 3 instead would you recommend dual cannons instead of dhc
Dual Heavies would be the way to go. Is there Omega 3 at the top there somewhere? Like in the commander slot? Ah no I see. You're using the beta debuff with the cannons. Roger that.

I don't use my cannons much. It LOOKS like a bit of cannon fire is making its way to the target when I alpha, but thats really just due to the delay in the "firing" of Beam Overload. I've fired the torpedo. Those are on the way. Then I'll trigger the overload, and you'll see a couple of cannons shots before the overload animation.

Just saying. In case it looked like I was using a CRF or something in there. Choice of tactics I would say!
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