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Would it be nice if there were a system that generally rewarded skilled players? Sure. But how do you judge that? Can't be DPS, people already rightly complain that this system unfairly favors Tactical/Escort captains in Fleet Actions. DPS is easy to measure though. If you did a lot of damage, then you as a TacScort did your job well. An Engineer might be encouraged to tank by rewarding damage taken (vs times killed), but we all know that it's tough for a cruiser to consistently pull aggro in this game since they don't have threat control skills. And Science, that's a total nightmare. You can reward heals, but there's no way to know how effectively they were used. Were they used on the right person at the right time, or just thrown out at random? A computer can't tell that. How much did crowd control affect the outcome? Again, no way a computer can measure that.
Maybe by adding a Most Valuable Player vote in the end. You can't vote for yourself, but you have to vote for someone before leaving. Like a window in the middle of your screen, can't miss it. The one with the most vote win the biggest loot, the second slightly less, etc... OFC, everyone have something in the end, and if you are a complete noob, you will still be able to buy something, someday.

So far, in the games I've seen that use it, it works pretty well, people usually vote for the healer, a friend or the best. Sometimes for a newcomer, so he can have more stuff more quickly, and become more effective.

Also, in Global Agenda, I remember a fansite with awesome stats, that was very accurate in determining who was the most efficient player of a game. It was not perfect, granted, but it was really accurate, and usually the one with the most point was a skilled player.