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01-08-2013, 11:36 AM
Well as far as cruisers having many more areas that are not vital... thats sort of silly, we are talking about tin cans in space. I doubt there would be much that was not vital after it had a hole shot through it.

Anyway I think you forget why defense was added... can we argue that some ships get to much of it... yes perhaps we can, however the mechanic is good... and I for one sure as heck wouldn't want to go back to cruisers online... where no one flies escorts cause they pop 4s after getting into range of another player.

Perhaps the mechanic needs a slight tuning where Misses simply don't ever happen any more... and instead we replace it with a Glancing blow. Where defense reduces the dmg by X amount.... The fact that we are missing with weapons designed 400 years in our future when we can put a bomb down a bunkers blow hole today does seem pretty preposterous anyway.
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