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01-08-2013, 10:43 AM
Interesting CSE's the last few nights-apparently in Normal there's a new "Strategy" that's leaked over to the Elites- team splits three ways, uses CSV, Torp Spread, and FAW on whole stacks-result is predictable:

Cubes are AWAKE and there are three Negh'vars and their escorts out simultaneously with mostly-full cube stacks and 3/5 or more of the team in respawn.

Now, I'm saying this must be a leak-over from "Normal" because I've observed this in PUGs with people who aren't the same people, multiple times, on multiple toons, starting about four or five days ago-so it's not disorder, it's an attempt at a Strategy of some sort.

I could see this as maybe working in CSN, because the spawns aren't that tough and you don't start seeing the Negh'vars until you've actually dropped a cube over there-but in Elite, the first probe in the second row that goes, spawns the Negh and a Raptor-which is considerably tougher than the "Normal" difficulty spawn of Raptors-i.e. AOE attack at the kickoff makes more sense there, since the spawns are weaker and the Cubes are neither as tough, nor as quick to react, as they are in Elite.

I assume they're trying to 'clear the spawns' quickly before dropping cubes-a laudable, if misplaced, idea, and of course there's the eternal chasing of "The Optional"...

but guys, this isn't WORKING in Elite. Seriously. In CSE, you don't NEED AOE attacks, you need precision attacks-clear the probes one-layer-at-a-time, one stack at a time, in whatever pattern the team agrees to at the start, that way you still have firepower when the Negh'vars spawn (and thus, the ability to take THEM down quickly, instead of being focus-fired by a Negh, the cube, and the Raptor-and sometimes the BoPs!!!)

Use AOE if you're defending the Kang from BoP spawns, not when you're attacking hte Cubes-because even with MACO shields and the T4 rep shield-buff AND the right DoFFs, you're not going to be lasting long enough to clear the Negh,Raptor, and BoPs by yourself, while fending off the Cube's attacks!

"elite" does NOT play like "Normal" difficulty.

Spawn too many Negh'vars all at once without your backup, and you're going to blow the MISSION, forget about the Optional-blown mission means NO OPTIONAL.
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