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01-08-2013, 11:53 AM
first of all, a HY omega dealing 8k damage? wow. thats how much they deal for me hitting shields. never less then 17k on hull, up to 50K or more when i use it. might not always kill outright, but its close enough, CRF2 will finish the job. that had to be a 0 in projectile skill, HY1 anti speced torp. like, that person must not have speced into weapon proficiency even.

about alpha striking in general, sometimes its just not going to kill. sure it works great for lone targets in a C&H, but in an arena the hectic cross healing environment leaves much less opportunities. focus firing, and firing for pressure are plenty important, especially when its all you can do at the time.

i agree about defense score, these ships have computer cores with a subspace fields so they can process faster then should be physically possible, faster then the speed of light, LOL @ missing a target. defense score would be much more about your ship generating sensor interference, not how fast your moving, but maybe of how big you are. you fool their sensors into thinking you are were your not, then they miss, that should be what acc/defense score should be about.
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