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01-08-2013, 11:29 AM
Season 7 when it first came out drove me away to SWTOR for a bit, but I'd still 'check in' daily, or at least every other day as I do lead a fairly large fleet and need to make sure its running. Once they started to have dilithium as a reward again in STFs, and also eventually making the Investigate Officer Reports Assignment fairer considering the console clickers were removed, and lastly the Winter Wonderland Event, I decided to slink back. I still don't play as much as I used to a year ago, but more then I did most of last autumn.

Do I like the reputation system? In short: No, but in the longer term its not really that terrible, but still it could be better. Projects could be cheaper and not cost as much supplies, even a 20-25% reduction would be nice especially in the latter tiers, also the 20 hour project completion time seems long for a personal project, but that could just be me. For a fleet project it works fine as your dealing with larger more difficult task that involve an entire fleet. Lastly there's just too many dilithium sinks, and now an energy credit sink that's a little too vacuuming on the ECs. Plus dilithium does take longer to earn, which isn't very favorable if your someone that only plays for maybe an hour or 2 each day on most days. Plus the whole reputation thing has made doing STFs less appealing as you can play just about any one to get marks, which can make it seem like each one gets less people that queue up for them and a few of the STFs are just plain impossible unless you have top gear and a top notch team, which isn't the case most of the time.

So add that to the list of other bugs that have been mentioned, the Exchange, Fleet Events Calendar, Missing Torps amongst other things. All which originally drove me away for awhile along with the grindfest that is endgame, and it makes it hard for the game to have the same appeal as when I first started playing. Are they slowly starting to fix stuff? Yes, but there's alot more that needs to be done. Finish the KDF faction for one thing and Nerf the Tholian Red Alerts a little more. Its still very hard to win those things despite the slight fix they made to them.

I just hope for STO's sake that Season 8 is much better then Season 7, which seems to be the season of fail, but that's perhaps not everyone's opinion.
Wishes for STO in 2014:
Borg Armor/Implant Bodysuits for Existing Liberated Borg Captains, Dominion/Cardassian Faction?, More STFs and end game content, More Undine and Iconian story progression, More Sectors and Sector Blocks. Also at least 25% reduction of new bugs added to the game.