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# 1 Guardians of the frontier
01-08-2013, 12:35 PM
Guardians of the Frontier (Or GotF for short) is looking to recruit new members due to a large number of players going inactive. We are a fairly casual fleet and are looking for the following in our players:

  • Chatty
  • Friendly
  • Active

Any and all of the above are preferable for any members though we only require that you be friendly and active. We play most of the game content and have specialists in a few major areas as follows:

  • PvE (Ranging from STFs (Special Task Force) and Romulan content all the way back to the old fleet actions like Starbase 24 and Gorn Minefield)
  • PvP
  • Story Missions
  • Ship setups

We are more than happy to answer any questions and help out with any content.

We run a department based command system allowing for better co-ordination of members however until later ranks this is an opt in system for members, this also allows us to better organise information and respond to questions and requests. Our promotion system is based on PvP assessment to test your skill.

We welcome all players regardless of age, play time, timezone etc.
If you have questions about the fleet please post them here and I will update this post as necessary, if you would like to join the fleet please send an email to me, handle @Adamkafei

Happy playing
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