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01-08-2013, 01:11 PM
I have to say I find it funny to see these mega sized fleets on the front page nearly everyday. One I know for a fact has over 200+ active members... yet here they are still recruting more people.


Because at that point it all comes down to numbers. Where the leadership is worried about one thing and one thing only... How fast can we get to a T5 base? Well I say that is complete crap. Fleets are (imo) ment to be about people, it's members. Not numbers.

I've herd it said before, "sometimes it's not about the destination but the journey" and Dark Mirror Fleet believes in that. A T5 starbase will come soon enough.. and honestly whats more important is the journey to get there is enjoyable. An adventure that the fleet shares together and in the end stands together and is able to say wow, WE did this. WE made it.

In Dark Mirror Fleet every face has a name. Every name has a story. There are no numbers, no high class vs. low class. Large fleets often say "everyone has a voice." Well as great as that sounds, it is impossible to practice b/c of the shear numbers. I know b/c I once was one of the leaders to a mega fleet. Suggstions were taken then laughed at. That's not the way we do things...

Every idea is voted on in our forums by everyone. No matter who it's from. There is no one ruler that dictates all choices. For RP reasons we have titles, not ranks. We are a group that enjoys the game and signs on to get a break from RL.

If you need fleet credits, we'll buy whats needed and give them to you for you to donate. Fleet stores are open to everyone with none of the "you must donate X amount" that I see large fleets are now doing. (Which is understandable why they're being forced to do it.) But not here.

Come check us out. We have teamspeak, website, back story and of course... are a mirror universe themed fleet. So some knowledge of the mirror universe is needed.

Thanks for your time.

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