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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
Proposed Revamp
The social map would be reworked into an adventure zone in the same manner as New Romulus, with various mini-games and activities rewarding reputation marks. These can then be contributed towards a simplified reputation system that unlocks story missions at each Tier.
Better might be to leave the current map mostly intact but possibly add a few new NPCs who you can interact with, while adding a new section that is the adventure zone.

Reputation System
The Risan Reputation System would be a toned-down version of its Omega and New Romulus counterparts, open to Captain (Level 30) players, with five tiers and a total completion time of around 30 days of continuous gameplay.

The sole input would be Risan Marks or Horga'hns on "upgrade projects" - the system would neither require nor reward dilithium.
This means Cryptic can't make a penny off of it, therefore the project will never happen because it is unfunded. Moderate Dil costs would be fine (half the current rep system).

Given the non-combat nature of it, open this to level 20+ but add some experience/skill costs to the projects.

Finally, we are talking a leisure planet using various types of booze the way that current rep projects use commodities and consumables should also be considered. Again, having it be marks only I just don't think would be accepted. Marks, experience, and one or two types of alcohol and a bit of dilithium where appropriate. That fits the established pattern, that gives cryptic money, that makes it possible.

This would also tie it in nicely to the bartender doff missions and could give some interesting new bartender and/or entertainer doffs as reputation awards.

Another thing I was thinking is adding a new rare commodity. not unlike the romulan research tokens for their duty officer mission, have something tied to the minigames that gives a unique risian commodity akin to tulaberries or ferasan nepeta, and consume it with a 4-part doff mission chain that parallels the other commodity chains. You could possibly have this commodity be consumed when buying from the reputation store after you have unlocked items.

This gives people who don't want to bother with reputation something to do in orbit (get the location based doff mission) and a way to cash in via the auction house and help those of us who are doing stuff.