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There was a time when those missions were fairly challenging. There's been a lot of power creep though, and also some pretty big nerfs to the Borg. At launch remodulators didn't exist and weren't needed, but Borg had healing drones, could beam in groups of weak drones behind you, elite tactical drones could turn invincible for slightly longer than it takes to break a keyboard in frustration, and a lot of ground missions had groups hooked up to nodes that would just resurrect anything you killed after a few seconds until you found and destroyed the nodes (which the level designers just LOVED to tuck around a corner 15-20 yards away from the group they were linked to.

That last room in Assimilated and the first place you beam down to the assimilated colony were some of the most ridiculous parts of the game back then. Where these days you have people getting frustrated by Warbirds, back then it was the geometrically increasing swarm of unkillable reinforcements that kept beaming in forever.

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