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01-08-2013, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
The problem with PvP in this game has to do with the learning curve, and with differences in gear.

What I mean by the learning curve, is that there are a lot of things you need to do to succeed in PvP that the game never ever teaches you, or that the game teaches you the wrong way. The game never teaches you keybinds, and there is no PvE encounter that you need to set up keybinds to get through. The game doesn't tell you that two of your engineering slots need to be devoted to EPtS, and you need to cycle it non-stop or you'll be vaporized in a second flat. Any NPC that hits you with control effects like SNB or VM does such low DPS that you can just fly away and wait it out. But those things are all basics for PvP.

So when a new player tries PvP for the first time, suddenly nothing they learned about the game in their previous 50 levels even applies. And chances are they will be defeated so swiftly that they don't even know how it happened.

Ground PvP is even worse that way, since it's possible to set up kits and gear so you can literally 1-shot people -- it's not possible for a new player to learn from a 1-shot.

The other problem is that new PvPers end up fighting people that win entirely by virtue of their gear. If you follow Hilbert's PvP Guide, that will actually get you doing okay in PUGs when fighting PUGs, and a captain who's just hit level 50 can get decent weapons from replaying missions.

But there are shields in this game that a new Patrol Escort with the hybrid plasma/disruptor dual heavy cannons that are recommended just will not put a dent in. So the player trying to learn PvP is likely to run up against players in pay-to-win ships which outmanuever their patrol escort, with shields that can't be breached.

And the rough part is that when a player shows up in a pay-to-win ship with high end gear in most matches, no one in the match is effective against them, so the new PvPer doesn't see that there is any way to beat that.

What I'm getting at, is that if you want to encourage PvP, first the PvE needs to train players towards PvP at least a little bit. After that, a player just hitting level cap with whatever gear they could buy from the exchange needs to be able to survive long enough, and be successful enough that they can stick around and learn.

Oh thats easy to fix, In other games theres lots of thing you cant take into PvP. mostly consumables but i think if they just limited how many things you could have when entering PvP that is beyond basic tier 12 purple like lets say 3? "ok il have 2 fleet weapons and my STF shield, and anything else you have to sacrifice an entire item like a console or something of equal value because suppose these things use more power! get where im coming from? that balances out the game alot Aaaand you can then have endless fun deciding what special thing you want to equip and experimenting right? then suppose just like swtor's end-game PvP recruit gear players that hit 50 could get 3 basic special items like 2 special phasers and a special shield/impulse/deflector depending on their class then they can grind for the dirsupter or poloron or whatever they want. if cryptic really wanted to pay some overtime then they could put a power consumption rating and cap mechanic specifically to limit the amount of OP stuff they can equip. and yeah that shield sounds bad that should be banned out of the PvP no MMO wants a pay2win label put on its competitive scene trust me. and this game does not have a competetive scene ive spent many an hour laughing at the failed attempts to pit one team against another properly in this game.