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*Section 31 Base. Gamma Quadrant. Sam sits in a cell, holding her pendant.

Drake walks in, a forcefield between him and Sam.*

Drake: Still mourning our loss, are we?

*Sam jumps to her feet, boiling over with rage.*

Sam: YOU SON OF A BI***! You better pray I don't find a way out of here, cos when I do, I am gonna kill you, slowly, painfully...

I am gonna spend days hurting you... breaking you... until you're begging me to finally end you.

Drake: You're not in a very good spot to be making threats, Captain.

Sam: That wasn't a threat. That was a promise.

Drake: Am I supposed to be frightened?

Sam: No, but you should be.

Drake: I'm not impressed. What burns you more? That I'm responsible for the death of such a dear friend to you, that I used a genetic copy of you to achieve it, or that all your friends and loved ones think you helped make it happen?

*Sam clenches her fist, trying to suppress the urge to run up and try and crush his neck.*

Or maybe it's that you fell for your counterpart's ruse?

Sam: You son of a--! *She runs up and gets blasted back by the forcefield. She gets up quickly, the right half of her face red from the forcefield, and just glares at Drake, hatefully.*

I swear to God, no matter what I have to do, no matter how long it takes... I WILL make you pay.

Drake: I look forward to it.

*Drake walks out and sees a copy of Sam (wearing a black vest and with slightly shorter hair) waiting outside.*

Go ahead.

*The other Sam walks in and looks at Sam.*

Sam 2 *in Sam's mind*: Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Sam: You?!

Sam 2: Who else were you expecting?

Sam: I thought we had a deal?

Sam 2: We did. My people take over Lanco II, in exchange for everyone leaving us in peace.

That doesn't mean I don't hate you anymore.

Sam: So what? You lured me here? Let Drake send his clone off to kill everyone at Caspian?

Sam 2: Oh, you give me too little credit. Using a genetic re-write of you was my idea in the first place! Who do you think perfected the process for Drake?

Sam: You...

I'll kill you. I swear to god, I'll kill you.

Sam 2: Not as long as you're behind that forcefield.

Sam: Then you'd better hope I stay here. Cos if I get out, you and Drake are gonna wish you'd killed me 5 years ago.

Sam 2: Believe me, I ALREADY wish I'd killed you 5 years ago.

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