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Originally Posted by celticfistcoh View Post
Also, I read stacking consoles gives diminishing returns.
This is utterly false. Anyone who says this other than in the context of Damage Resistance doesn't know what "diminishing returns" means.

+All Beams and +All Cannons consoles are obsolete junk. Pick an energy type, and stick with it. All your tac console slots should be for consoles boosting that energy type.

If you want highest damage on a cruiser, you have two options.

1. Broadside - every weapon should cover that arc, meaning beam arrays (270), cutting beam (360), Wide Angle Quantum Toepedo Launcher (180), or Ferengi Missile Launcher (180). Turrets are the weakest weapons in the game, you don't want those. Junk the cannons and normal torpedoes, since the arcs don't overlap with the rest of your equipment. Your broadsides will thus allow you to bring all your weapons to bear, and if your BOff and power settings are built right, you'll keep your power (and thus damage) high.

Use only beams (aside from kinetic weapons I listed) so that your abilities like Beams Fire At Will can affect more weapons.

2. Front - your guns are pointed towards the front. That means cannons in front, with a torpedo of your choice, and turrets in the back (maybe with the cutting beam). Due to the poor turn-rates of most cruisers, the only ones I'm aware of where this is viable is the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit and Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit.

Use only cannons (aside from the kinetic weapons) so that your abilities like Cannon Rapid Fire or Cannon Scatter Volley can affect more weapons. Turrets count as cannons.

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