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01-08-2013, 02:29 PM
i like the winter event version a LOT better, thats got a good amount of reward and total effort required, and not that stupid reseasch step. i hate how long it takes to get anywhere on new romulus.

cant get a group? well best you can hope for is 2 tags. so 2 days before you can run 1 doff project to get 1 research. and you need 5 of those before you can even even get a pup. then several more days before its fully grown.

i sure am going to miss the winter epohhs. just hope i can get all the rom marks i need from that for all the equipment projects before it ends.

oh, and its stupidly easy to get mass omega marks from doing faceroll easy stfs, wile it takes weeks to get any rom marks from these critters. what the hell.
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