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01-08-2013, 01:45 PM
Not exactly my worst stf experience, but this guy annoyed me so much he's been on my mind since yesterday and has effectively made me post in this thread.

So we got into khitomer ground elite (easily the easiest stf in the game). Throwing the usual hello and discussing the usual tactic skipping the first room. Before we're done preparing, this guy carrying two antiproton pew pew pistols runs straight through the door triggering timer. Shrugged it off, minor annoyance. We head in to not lose any time on optional. 2 min later I notice this guy is full of injuries (most of them critical and major) and does not remodulate. First "facepalm". Next, he's always rushing in to heavy tac, no buff or nothing, without a remodulator. Obviously he's the first to die, piling on more injuries. That's fine, that's expected. BUT and a big BUTTTTTTTT, everytime he died he spammed the help button like crazy, I mean wtf???? There were easily twenty help requests in team chat. I mean I always have my fleet chat on, where there are usually 100+ discussing builds, fleet events etc... But all I could see were his screams for help! Argh. Pretty distracting, so distracting in fact my teammates were forced to resurrect him just to make him stop. Next death repeat ad nauseam. We did blow up the 6 generators and the 2 IMRs in time, the team was that good. Which makes me wonder how much faster it all would have been if he was just a little bit more decent? Then Tosk of borg came and Mister pew pew pistols shoot him up with all the accumulated injuries and adapted debuff. Sigh... At that point, I sent him a text asking him if he was trolling Lawl.

I have to ask. Was this dude serious? My only regret is not doing the obvious thing to do, adding him to my ignore list. He might still make it cuz I remember his nick and fleet name lol.
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