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*Preston is pacing as he knows his Operative is sent to Shield to assist them.*

Preston: Gial don't lie to me how much risk do you think I put him in?

Gial: He chose it, and to be that operative.

Preston: That is true. But given what happened to him ... *sigh* Anyway how is the summit going?

Gial: It is tense and a little testy given the incident.

Preston: Of course. It is going to take a long time to make that world we all want. That world we denied ourselves. But we can still add to it. Make it better. Leave this world a little brighter for the next generation.

Gial: Its a noble thing and a tough thing to let go of prejudice and long standing differences.

Preston: It is Gial.

*The Operative arrives at SHIELD's vessel and is greeted professionally, and arrives on the bridge meeting the others assembled.*
Chester: Ah, you'll be Preston's Agent. Forest and Halsey are in one of the labs.

We're currently heading for a Republic Shipyard in the Daros System. Then we'll be waiting for a hit on the Tesseract's location.

Operative, what do you know about the Tesseract?
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