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09-03-2009, 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by Antagonist View Post
You have a point, even with STO's single server system; If you rush into Enemy faction space with a target painted on your hull, you should get killed. but if you are in unnexplored space, it should be consensual. at least in my opinion

By the Way, I see you are a fellow 1984 fan! Newspeak for the win!
I find 1984 superplusgood.

As far as consensual PvP in deep space, I could live with it, but for me it depends on how big SPACE actually is, how often do you run into other ships in deep space? Also Zinc has made like running will be an effective way to escape battles in STO. Which if you think about it is very trekkie, if you can get to warp 9.9 before the other guy he'll never catch up, thus making a pursuit a big time waster IMO.