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01-08-2013, 01:57 PM
Lock box keys are 125 zen, or 1125 for a pack of ten. Each lock box will give you at minimum 4 lobi crystals. And you need 305 lobi crystals to buy all the boxes you need to be cerrtain you get what you need for the ship. So worst case, you'll need about 9000 zen, if you buy the ten packs. That's assuming that each autograph box gives you 2 autographs only, and that each lock box you open for Lobi only gives you the minimum of 4. So that's 90 bucks american.

I think you are thinking of the old duty officer box that cost that much, and was giving out either 10 lobi's or a bug ship. But that's not available any more. Now you have to buy keys and use them to opent he lock boxes liekthe temporal one out now.
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