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01-08-2013, 03:53 PM
My favorite ship design in the game right now, the Oslo, is non-canon. The Norway class however is, but they couldn't make that because the original CG files are corrupted and lost forever and CBS would not allow it to be scratch-built.

However, if you know the Norway from the final episodes of TNG: (closest ship in image)

And then look at the Oslo class that Cryptic designed, I don't think many would disagree it was a natural progression. The Oslo may not be completely 2409, it's probably at least 10 years older, but definitely a true progression.

And no, ships don't have to look sleeker. They have to look more practical. The Oslo pulls off "sleek" even if it's angular and has probably the most unique pylons on a Fed starship. The angular look is important to convey aggressiveness. The Armitage and Thunderchild are much to of a foppish dandy's ship to me.


-High tier Escorts must look aggressive
-High tier cruisers must look bulky but semi-sleek
-High tier science vessels should look sleek made out of sleekness.

But they all have to look practical.