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01-08-2013, 02:54 PM
I'm quite confident, that this tactics can work with three in CSE IF it's me, Ferdzso and some other hi-DPS-er fleet-mate (I don't include the Cobalt-3M miners, cause they're another matter). I switched to total AoE setup since last week, and I know that Ferdzso has a higher DPS in his Vesta than I do in my 5 Tactical consoles ship. But I wouldn't try it in a PuG (and I'm a PuG-er). As an example is the following story:
I joined in a CSE. 2 goes M, 1 goes L and I go a few seconds I saw that the fifth did go L as well. No biggie, I can take care of R well before the timer's up...or so I thought. When you have 2 ships at a lane, you expect that they wouldn't miss the spam - wrong! I had to go to the Kang on a few occasions to clear BoPs...and yet I managed to do my job and do some more cleaning after that while waiting for the others to do theirs. Needles to say, we lost the optional by 20 seconds. Very inefficient.

My last fail was yesterday - I did ISE because it was late an I had to make my daily quota of dilithium.The team was a complete fail - all in rainbow colours (care bears sounds nice though ) and as you can all guess - non-existent DPS. I GW the bunch of spheres, but..I alone can't make a chain reaction as is expected. So..we chased the spheres and the cube for almost 30 minutes. I haven't tanked as much since the times in my star cruiser months ago - and the switch from resilient to covariant shield almost led me to tears - I'm still adjusting to it.
The thing in ISE is, that you can tell if the team is ok, good or very good by the time you have cleared the left side - 11 mins - ok, 12 mins - good, and everything faster means that there's nothing that can go wrong.

Again - 4 STFs today, and too many care bears fans in them.

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