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01-08-2013, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by xaracrimson View Post
I sell it to the bartenders at Earth Space Dock or the bartenders at the Academy. Both pay 50% of the item costs.

This is false. Only specific items which are very wanted sell well on the exchange. In fact, most useless or average grind items also sell for 50% on the exchange, with a few items selling for 50% -1EC, -2 EC, -3EC and so on, because people want their items to be on top.

Sure, some people don't bother to pick up undesired loot, but I find that all of the unwanted loot I sell to bartenders each day rapidly adds up to about 1M credits a day. With a sense of irony, I spend those 1M EC on a lockbox key each day.
Consumables can usually be sold for 75-100% purchase at vendor prices. Blue engines and deflectors for roughly 75%. Prices for purple items go through the roof.

You say only specific items, but those are also the items that matter and bring in big bucks.
There's also convenience of not having to travel all over the place to sell something for a meager 3k difference.

So the exchange really is the only place you need.