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01-08-2013, 03:58 PM
I did a CSE yesterday that just seemed doomed to failure.

I warp in, people generally go in the direction of the right probes. I and someone else take care of the first BoP spawns, an then I decide to go help out with the probes and the Negh'var that will inevitably spawn. So we kill all right probes and this cruiser with every color of the rainbow firing is hacking away at the cube, slowly. We're shouting to him not to blow it and we quickly rush to take care of the middle probes.

Too late. Green flash as we start on them.

One guy gets angry and says "this is doomed I'm leaving." and he bails on us. Now we're down to four - one of which is full of rainbows and obviously doesn't speak English. So another escort and I continuously kill the raptors as the two other people slowly work their way through the probes. I notice Mr. Rainbows is sitting as far as conceivably possible from them, just making pretty lights (he is doing some damage, he blew the right cube himself after all).

So they finish the probes and I rush there to quickly pop the cube. We clean up the raptors and negh'vars, then the round goes as it normally would. We only lost the optional due to time.

So despite the awful start to an obviously terrible PuG, we made it with 3 & 1/2 effective players (I say 1/2 because Mr. Rainbows wasn't doing too much, but was doing something).
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