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I have only recently returned to STO after a long break. I've had to do a bit of catch up, content wise because of the new episodes. I haven't even touched Romulus yet. I primarily play as a Fed. I was loathe to play a Klink purely because of the lack of Klingon specific content. Sure there's a teeny-tiny KDF PvE about a traitor house... I play STO over SWTOR and WoW because I can solo a lot easier and group when I want to, not when the game says so or a mission that I'm soloing throws enemies at me that are far and above my capabilities... I still think that Borg need to be made more powerful but less of them. Like in the movies. 1 cube and everyone gets life insurance and writes wills... In STO, multiple TACTICAL cubes and a Unimatrix...BRING IT ON!!! -_- Anyway, I'm, off track...

Early KDF missions could focus more on hunting down Undine infiltrators (in both Federation and Klingon space - thus adding pressure to the Fed/KDF war by having KDF ships making incursions into Federation space) and then adressing issues such as the Borg. The Borg could invade Klingon space too, not just Feds. I was a little confused when Cryptic made the Borg invade Deferra. It doesn't make sense, they may be an old race, but would the Borg really hit a race that poses no threat? I would have thought they'd hit the Romulans considering they've been tinkering with Borg tech before they'd hit the Deferrans... What strategic importance does assimilating them have? When two (three if you include the Romulans, 4 is you include the Dominin "regaining it's power") very powerful, proven threats are right there, torpedoes loaded and capacitors charged with shields up and ignoring the 'Resistance is futile' line.

I'm not against the war ending, the war is a joke anyway. "Oh no, we're at war with the klingons! Here's an early game storyline about going back to the past to save future klingons, genetic manipulation and LOOK! Shiny things!" -_- The Fed/Klingon War should have been a major focus of Fed and KDF player's leveling experience. It could even have been based upon what career you chose. Instead it takes the backseat to everything else happening. Federation or not, war is the priority. The other missions should feel likre you've been 'squeezed in' becuase every other ship is tied up in the war effort... Here's my suggestions...


All players are initially assigned to the 4th Fleet (Starfleet Academy) for the tutorial however after the Borg attack on the Vega Colony and the subsequent showing of your capabilities you and your ship are transferred to a specific fleet based on your career.

Tactical - The combat oriented career, most of your missions are purely combat. Assigned to the 2nd Fleet (Starfleet Tactical Command). Fleet actions, patrols, recon missions, attacks on strategic targets... You're assigned to a fleet that deals with the Klingons primarily. Tactical officers are primarily supposed to fly escorts but that's not required. But escorts are the best tool for the job... Just don't get hit too much. You could even incorporate PvP into it, having KDF/Feds play the same missions but from their own pespective. KDF attacks/Feds defend and vice versa with AI ships so that if no other PCs are playing, the misison can still be completed. Let's face it...if you're on a Saber, Akira, Defiant or Prometheus, you're not there to kowtow to diplomats, you're there to bring hurt. Your 'exploration' is undertaking scouting missions, not seeking out new worlds and new civilisations.

Engineering - The multi-role career. Assigned to the 5th Fleet (Starfleet Corps of Engineers) initially. A little bit of combat, taking part in fleet actions in the war, patrols and the like. But not to the extent of the Tactical officer. In addition, you're also diverted to assist ships that have been disabled or to help out a Federation colony. That's what cruisers are for. Not that every engineer uses a cruiser. And let's not forget diplomacy and exploration either. Cruisers make really good diplomatic ships. They're big, visually impressive and not as aggressive looking. Even though the Sovereign was among the most powerful ships in the fleet, it managed to look like a vessel of peace...until it fired a spread of quantum torpedoes...

Science - Humanitartian aid. Scientific discovery. Diplomatic missions. Deep space exploration. The staple diet of a Science officer. Assigned to the 3rd Fleet (Starfleet Medical Command) and initially deployed to the front to assist in the war by providing medical aid and a few extra phaser banks and photon torpedo tubes, Science officers are soon diverted to other tasks more 'sciencey'. A nice change of pace, more time exploring and discovering, less time pew pewing...unless you're into that in which case you can request a transfer on a (PvE) mission by mission basis.

Higher level players are assigned to the 1st Fleet and are then given access to expeditionary missions (which allows you to explore the quadrant).

All this is just PvE missions. It has no restrictions on PvP, and you can still group to do PvE missions. This allows different characters access to different content in ways that are believable. Tactical officers do different missions to Engineers who do different missions to Science officers and though they share some common elements, they're not exactly the same. It might be a grind, but it's not the same one as every one else.


I try to like the KDF. I like most of their ships, I like the atmosphere and culture. I really try to like the PvE. I'm not much of a fan of PvP myself. I've dabbled but nothing dedicated. For a Klingon player it's less about what career you chose, and more about what ship you command. The KDF are warriors, no explorers. That's not to say they don't explore or use diplomacy, they just do it in a warlike way... "We come in peace...Weapons are loaded, charged and locked on but we come in SO MUCH PEACE! QAPLA!"

You're in a bird of prey? Say to hello to recon missions, lightning raids and fleet actions.

You're in a battlecruiser? Recon, patrols and fleet actions.

You're in a raptor? Recon, patrols, raids and fleet actions.

You're a tactical officer? Tactical Klingons are about hitting the enemy where it hurts. HARD. In addition to space missions, you should also gain access to ground missions (that make sense) like any true Klingon warrior such as hunting down Undine.

Engineering? Supporting fleets, assisting in the repairs of downed ships, providing a show of force to an annexed minor race of the Empire or seeking out new minor races to exploit (Klingon version of Exploration) as well as putting down resistance from warp-capable minor races (Klingon version of Diplomacy).

Science? Are you even Klingon? Kidding. Healing warriors, making them stronger in battle. As well as annexing minor races and putting down rebellions... Capturing Undine for interrogation...

The Klingon idea isn't nearly as fleshed out as I'd like but I've only been dwelling on it for a week. I've been thinking up the Fed missions since before I went on my break. Maybe we could incorporate selecting what House we belong to instead of just belonging to the House of Martok, for example. Perhaps belonging to the different houses grants access to House specific missions. Perhaps Houses can replace Klingon career types...

Suffice to say, I'm very interested in any attempts to further the experience for Klingon players. Feds have a LOT more options available to them. I dunno what Cryptic are saying about the KDF player base is small an unimportant. It's an integral part of the game that they're seemingly purposely neglecting. Stop developing Fed stuff for just one season. Flesh out the KDF. Then worry about a third...hell, even a fourth faction...

Love to hear your thoughts... PM me if you want to rage, leave it off the public forum. =P