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01-08-2013, 06:18 PM
I have never been more ashamed of a group out of the PublicEliteSTF channel until last night. It was late, so I decided to do a nice easy ISE before hitting the sack. If only I knew what I was in for, I probably would have taken some liquid courage and a bong hit (and I don't do that kind of stuff to begin with). I'm still running my Chel'Gret through her paces on one of my toons, making sure I have all the bugs out of the system. So we start, and I am immediately laughing, because there are five. I say again, FIVE Breen warships in there.

So we slaughter the first patrol with almost obscene ease. We breeze through the gens and transformers, and then slaughter the spheres. 12:35 left on timer. We do a rinse and repeat on the other side. Transformer goes down with 10:24 left on timer. And then it all goes horribly wrong.

We start on the spheres, but then someone activates their scorpion fighter device. I thought they were doing it for the lulz, and the fighters didn't do anything other than aggro the remaining spheres over to us. We all laugh at the guy and someone else launches them for lulz too. The little romulan *******s fly straight at the tac cube and die. I noticed and called out "tac cube on the move". The rest of the team acknowledges and we redouble our efforts on the gate... who suddenly decides we all need to die. One second we're all sitting at 7km blasting away at the gate, it's only shooting pot shots back, then all of a sudden the gate goes bat **** crazy.

It's BAs suddenly start doing 3k damage per hit, which on my borg shields don't mean much since I can regen that pretty quickly, but the other warships not doing so well, start to pull back, but the gate is merciless. It practically destroys one of the other breen ships with a quick cannon into torp combo, all of us shoot him a HE, and he's good, then the tac cube shows up. Sufficed to say, the tac cube and gate focus fire us down one at a time, even with energy dissipators and borg tractor beams and breen energy siphons and regular energy siphons goin on the tac cube, the thing just kept on coming.

The two boss class enemies relentlessly destroyed us, one right after the other. I was killed twice, most of my team more than that (I was the only engi, so I had MW to let me live long enough to hit EM3, aka the GTFO button). We finally kill the gate after 5 minutes of this hell, with 4 minutes left on the timer, we turn our attention to the tac cube.

Sufficed to say, that tac cube had it's hagus that morning, cuz it tore us a new one like a scots berserker on an english battle-line. We finally brought that monster down with 20 seconds left on the timer. Between the two of them, the gate and cube must have racked up 20 kills or so. My total death count was only twice, so after the game the team stayed back and chatted about what went wrong.

Those 4 other guys weren't regulars on the PESTF channel, since I hadn't seen them before, and I found out they were ALL running the breen set on the breen ship. And it was only then that I also found out that NONE of them had ANY neutronium or monotanium. One of them had a mk XI blue electroceramic, but apparently all of them were running some sort of power booster in their engi consoles. They were also running flow caps as their sci consoles (no shield emitters, or any actual utility), and NONE of them had the assimilated module.

And as they were listing abilities to each other, the fail was complete. Their BOff setup made me click on leave, it was so terrible.

So yeah... 5 breen warships... not such an easy win after all...

But my next ISE was much better, cleared in 10 minutes flat.
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