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01-08-2013, 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by errab View Post

Sadly I felt like I was becoming a liability in Elite Space STF's that I'd normally walk through with my Vo'Quv so I switched back.

The Recluse is much better suited to a Tactical Captain IMO.

The widow fighters were just too soft and could not generate enough damage to justify using them.

I've added the Recluse to my Collection of Carriers but unless it gets some better Hanger support craft I doubt I'll use it again.

The Torpedo is still pretty sweet and it can be slotted on any vessel so I guess picking up the Recluse did net me a nice new toy.
Im saving up to buy a recluse so I want to know as much about the thing as possible. If the Widow fighters are as bad as you say, what would you suggest as a replacement? (this will be my first Carrier)

EDIT: also I main a Klink if that helps any