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01-08-2013, 06:39 PM
Incoming bump off the port bow, brace for impact.

Anyone heard any info on KDF stuff circca S8 yet? I don't come here much, or follow any these people on twitter, or wherever, b/c I'm involved in other games atm.

So I'm asking you guys to keep an ear to the ground for me. Like the dirty bead-loving whiskey drinkin Reds you are. And then lemme know what it is.

Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post

This game is still way to beta for a game that has been out a month short of three years, and if you're a fan on Champions online you'll know that the systems not going to be able to handle it much closer to four.
I haven't played CO since ITS beta lol could you clarify the bold for me? Please with sugar on top