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01-08-2013, 08:27 PM
"...and, Captain, that brings us to the next matter," the Vulcan went on as they stepped into the turbolift. With a quick order the two were on their way up to the bridge. "What are you going to do about this 'Deck 13' matter. Superstitions, as illogical as they are, could still play a negative role on the moral and work performance of the-"

The Captain interrupted him with a loud sigh. "Computer," a beep rang out, "Deck Thirteen." A secondary beep responded to the order and soon they were stopped with the doors sliding open.

They were met by a dark hallway, the lights barely flickering, if at all on, and a malfunctioning atmospheric control pumping out a fog like mist low to the ground. Unlike the Vulcan who was honestly perplexed that there seemed to be the remoteness of credibility to the crewmen's claims in this myth the Captain was unfazed. He leaned out of the turbolift and addressed the darkness on a first name basis.

"Ghost of Hamlet's Father. Cut it out. You've got work to do."

With that he leaned back into their mode of conveyance, signaling the machine to return their course to the bridge all the while ignoring the Vulcan's raised eyebrow.

Shortly after the doors had closed, and the hallway was again empty, a ghostly holographic head phased through the bulkhead and looked down towards where the Captain had been. On it was a sad and pleading face akin to a scolded child's.