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# 1 New player looking for a fleet
01-08-2013, 07:45 PM
Hey there,

I started playing four days ago and my tactical officer is now rank 34 in a Sao Paolo escort. Normally, I'd wait a lot longer before commiting to a player organization as I do in any MMO, but in this case I already know this game's a keeper.

I have some very specific criteria, so please make sure you read these bullet points before recommending your own fleet, if you'd be so kind, once they are covered you'll get to my gaming resum? at the bottom of the post:

- I'm European but sometimes I play at night, sometimes in the day. I have no time zone.

- Teamspeak 3 or Ventrilo and a social group (on said voice comm) that use it even when they don't have to, because they enjoy eachother's company while gaming.

- No silly/ humorous/ offensive/ 1337-speak fleet names, or ones with symbols other than alphanumeric in the lettering. I have a sense of humor, but hold immersion as one of the most important things of this game, and I simply shut out fleets like that from my conscience.

- Not super hardcore and not super casual. I play on average 7-12 hours per day myself, but spend that time exploring and figuring out what parts of the game I enjoy most. You won't be able to push me into a reputation grind I don't enjoy, if it comes to that. Still, I'm plenty helpful when needed, and I enjoy group activities. I like variety. While I've been leveling, I've been alternating Fleet Action -> Story -> Fleet Action -> Patrol -> Fleet Action (you get the point) ... I like PvP but if I get to endgame and there's a huge artificial gear gap I won't be doing it.

- My main is a tactical escort and my one alt is a science officer. I will very likely never do Engineer and I'll only use a cruiser on my tac if it drops out of a lockbox.

To briefly sum up my history, I've been playing online games of all varieties since 2002 (but never WoW! Ha!) and in that time I've been the leader of most clans and guilds I've been a part of. I am currently the owner/ leader of Bloodpact, who've been in action in 6 games in almost 8 years.

The last game (brilliant game by the way) that we played, was The Secret World. Unfortunately I got sick and declared myself no longer fit for leadership and the memberbase moved to a different cabal.

Bloodpact has no concrete plans for a 'next venture', but looking at World of Darkness. So depending on the outcome my time here could be affected.

And yes, I'm a massive trekkie.

EDIT: Also, I don't care how old your fleet is, whether you have X tier of base/ embassy or whatnot, as long as the above criteria is met. Actually, if I had a choice between and old and a new fleet, I would go with the new one, because being a part of building something up is my favorite part of MMORPGs.

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