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01-08-2013, 08:07 PM
It's frustrating reading some of the posts in these threads asking people to do trace reports etc. when we know where the issue is... its the Cogent relay... has been for a long time...

In recent memory, there have also been several issues identified with the route to the servers, including a reoccurring issue with a data center in the Boston area, operated by Cogent Communications, specifically the bos06 relay. Run a trace and look for that specific hop, unless I'm mistaken it's in the neighborhood of hop 12-14.

Every time I've gotten any sort of rubberbanding (and it's happened to me too), usually the first thing I run is a traceroute because I like to be able to see what's going on with the route between my PC and STO. In 90% of those traces, that relay was the problem. There was the occasional one or two where that relay was fine, but I'd chalk that up to a possible bottleneck with that relay clearing up at precisely that moment.

Hell, there were even times I kept a command prompt window open while running STO just to be able to run a quick trace when needed.

PWE has attempted to work with Cogent on this issue, but it doesn't seem to be working so well.
Cryptic needs to come forward and SAY SOMETHING about this instead of letting the users push trace reports etc. on each other that are unnecessary and simply a waste of time given that the same relays come up as having issues time and time again. It's a KNOWN ISSUE... and what are you supposed to do with known issues? LET PEOPLE KNOW!!!

If you INFORM people that there is a KNOWN ISSUE with network segment "x" having issues and can tell people how to identify it (ie. their tool) - that is a stickied post that would STOP a heck of a lot of support tickets and extra threads (no - not all - but a good amount of them). (eg. "if issues start at this point in your trace, its known about, otherwise check with your ISP - blah blah blah)

As it stands now, we can see the threads of other people having the issue (ie. its not just "me") - so that normally rules out ISP's, PC's etc. - yet in every thread you are pointed to do the same thing which gives the same results in most cases... then you have one person telling you to report to your ISP, another stating its probably your PC, and it goes on and on.

It's good to have people who are willing and ready to give advice - please don't get me wrong - but this particular issue hasn't really been managed over the holiday period and it needs to be managed from Cryptics end now.

Sorry for the rant but this sort of stuff is my day-to-day job and its frustrating to see this dragging on for so long with no official/obvious communication from Cryptic. (Heck they can do a big red post about people moving contacts on ESD and Qo'nos but can't say that they know that some people are experiencing lag issues?)