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/Newfound respect for game balance.

While, STO's balance has CONCIDERABLY Deteriorated, Maintaining balance is admitably difficult.

I just started working on building a video game (not even MMO)
Hardest part of the video game is Balance, You wouldn't think it either.

Balancing is hard, because your end is 980 damage (balanced On paper) but it becomes like 7399.8873 damage after skill mods. Balancing isn't just a few numbers. a Change from 100 to 99 can be a MASSIVE change ingame.

(I can say without doubt, hardest part of making my video game, is Storyline, and balancing)

So, fellow pvpers, stop being So hard on cryptic when ur yelling over balance. The numbers we give are incorrect for them, because they have to go through a bunch of hidden factors, before we even get a number. I have no idea what they are using to do balancing, so I don't really know, For all you know DEM doing 49 damage is actualy 3.77283123 in the dev tools.

So come on, be alittle easyer about balance. Now go back to being hard over content, C-Store, the AI... Adding an AI that uses Skills intelegently, IS NOT as hard as balance. Say on ground, give all NPCs Rechargable Hypos, Add line: When Health < 20% = Hypo. In Space, have NPCs Keep EPTS up, and a script to make then like, Hazzard emmiters to dispel debuffs, ONLY every 45s so they don't spam it. etc...