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01-08-2013, 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Spawn points in PVP should be protected by HUGE super agressive ships/stations that simply waste any opforce ship. Detection grids, lance weapons, the works. People need to have a chance. Arena's random spawns seem to mitigate this already so they likely should be excluded.
No to this...

ADD NPCS TO PVP... This idea KILLED pvp orriginaly.

First: 20s Spawn Protection, Canceled When attacking.
Second: EVERY Map needs 12 Spawnpoints. (6 per side)
Third: Spawning should be based on enemy proximity, not player proximity.
Fourth: Warzones need to be HUGE

Warzones should be large enough to contain 1 Quest,4 Objectives, 4 Bases, 1 Planet, AND atleast 30 KM^3 in Empty space. Bases are Player Faction bases. The capture of one severly decreases influence on objectives.

By doing that ur required to be aware of 8 objectives at once, adding depth and strategy.

& at ground pvp 1 shots. I learned from being 1 shot. I learned how I was being 1 shotted, and I used it, Now I can 1 shot.

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